Team up with us for your Fixed Site Imaging needs. We have helped a number of hospitals build up their patient volume with our mobile services to a point where they were able to justify and sustain a profitable and successful fixed site imaging center.

We provide the equipment, the professional staff, and handle all the RSO regulatory details for you, all paid from an easy fee-per-scan schedule in most cases. This is a time-proven plan following our detailed analysis of your current usage and situation.

We will provide you with helpful information to help you determine the level of service you need and type of equipment that will be the best fit for your needs. We also give you a lot of options that will help you further expand the number and types of services you provide to your patients, such as:

  • Installing the equipment directly into an existing facility or office.
  • Filling temporary needs during facility expansion. (see our leasing options)
  • Adding a modular building when space at your facility is scarce.
  • Parking a mobile unit at your facility to fill the need.

Leave the details with us to handle for you so you can focus your attention on the other important matters. Our goal is to make the transition to a fixed site as seamless as possible with little to no disruption in service to your patients.

Prefer to staff the mobile unit yourself? No problem! Check out our Interim Leasing Solutions for more information about renting our equipment.

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