Front Range Nuclear Services (FRNS) provides high-quality and affordable nuclear imaging solutions to hospitals, clinics, and imaging centers. Give us an opportunity to answer your imaging center questions and earn your trust.

Renovating your imaging center?
We can help! With a fleet of mobile nuclear medicine centers, we can deliver a fully contained imaging unit to your facility so you can continue services while your center undergoes construction. We can staff it or provide your staff with applications training to run the equipment. This is a true turnkey solution for your department.

Want to upgrade your equipment?
We can help you save money on equipment acquisitions by providing your facility with high-quality refurbished equipment to include installation and service options. We can also de-install and remove your old equipment too.

Don’t provide nuclear medicine yet?
We may be able to add you to one of our mobile routes. You only pay for what you use (fee per scan), so this is a very affordable solution to consider. If volume grows, we’ll grow with you and expand or change the level of service you require.

On a route, but want more service access?
We can do that too. Consult with us about your needs and we will evaluate your facility for a possible in-house solution. If your usage meets our business model, we’ll provide you with a fully staffed and equipped in-house solution and you only pay from a fee-per-scan schedule. This solution has proven to be successful for many of our clients!

We help you achieve success through employing highly trained, licensed and knowledgeable staff and by deploying the latest and best imaging technology available in the industry.

We empower physicians by providing the best quality medical diagnostic imaging needed to accurately diagnose disease. Our service is fast, easy and convenient for both the health care provider and the patient.

FRNS offers an array of services meeting a wide range of nuclear imaging needs. Take a few moments to review our services below to see how we could partner with your organization to help you achieve your goals.

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Radiation Safety Services

We perform staff training, mock inspections and annual random audits to help ensure your staff is prepared for a government inspection.

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Online Viewing Services

Our Remote Viewing Software allows the doctor to access patient exams and reports from any web-connected PC within hours of the exam being performed.

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